About Us

FanarGulf was founded on 2018 as a successfully merge stories of many companies that have a huge impact in Telecom, Banking, Oil & Gas and government services in many countries, formed to satisfy and exceed customer expectation by delivering best solutions in minimum time scale.

Our Misssion

To support our customer to have the ultimate quality of services and ROI ”Return Of Investment”, and to create healthy and supportive work environment to our clients

Our Vision

– To be the preferred Company in the GCC and Africa.
– To Lead ICT industry.
– To be first ICT HUP and support creativities IOT idea.


Our Team

– Has strong Knowledge on Software development and Architecture.
– Applying Professional Techniques on Manage Solutions life cycle.
– Has the Idea of accepting the challenges and even exceed the expectations.
– Has a proven high Quality deliveries and Standards.
– Religion Nationality diversity which helped to overcome nations and culture complications.
– Has cultural diversity to satisfy our customers.



Need an Assessment

If you have any inquires or help in any field our team ready to assist you, Please do note hesitate to contact us (info@fanargulf.com)

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